10 Ways to Regain Motivation When You Are Feeling Lost

Its so easy to find your self feeling lost, maybe over whelmed or even totally uninspired not knowing where to begin. We have all been there from time to time. Here are 10 ways to motivate your self in any situation, from work to simply house chores try a few of these out, ditch the procrastination and get your mojo back.

  1. Meditate: meditation clears and focuses your mind, it can help separate cluttered thoughts to guide yourself where you need to begin when overwhelmed, and it can help spark imagination when you your lacking ideas.
  2. Watch Something Inspiring: no matter your motivation problem there will be a film out there to help you shift it. wanting to start a new health kick, watch forks over knives. nervous about making life changes watch yes man. wanting to clean the house, there are even cleaning and decluttering programs.
  3. Read a Book: the same as watching something, whatever your motivation problem there is a book for it to help you get into the mindset you want.
  4. Put Some Music On: Make yourself playlists for every mood you need, create the vibe you want in your space and work with your senses. You mind takes cues from your body, feed your body good feel vibes through your senses and your mind will follow.
  5. Light Some Insense: the same idea as with music, create the vibe in your space by telling your brain its go time, through your senses.
  6. Set Yourself a Reward: it can be something big or something small, relevant to the task. Want to hit certain figures in work, promise yourself something you want when its done. Need to clean the kitchen, tell yourself you can have one of those homebaked cookies or the next episode of your favourite show when your done
  7. Remind Yourself of Why: spend 5 minuets writing down your why. remind your self what you gain from being motivated and doing the task ahead of you.
  8. Break it Down: If your feeling over whelmed break it down. white down your tasks and just take it one at a time without concern of the next. You may not get then all done but you will certainly get more done than you are sitting reading this.
  9. Get an Accountability Partner: finding lack of motivation keeps happening, find someone who can help keep you in check. Ideally someone with simular goals so you can boost each others motivation, and support each other when its lacking.
  10. Do Something Totally Different: been working at it for a while? have a break, do something you really enjoy, say fuck it, go make some memories, life is for living. Come back on a high for life and then tackle your motivation.

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