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30 small things bringing me joy


There have been several points in my life where I have really struggled to find joy. The world has felt dark and all consuming. Round every corner is a new panic attack and my heart feels filled with dispare. I dropped in and out of these periods of my life for a long time before I discovered I was not on my own in this feeling. In fact I didn’t actually realise how common it was until I started on the journey to heal and learn how to manage these emotions.

Through my healing journey, one of the most powerful things I learnt was that happiness is a skill. For most of my life I believed that happiness was something that would come once my life ‘fell into place’. I found my self constantly striving for an idealist life that I pictured would help me to finally attain the mythical happiness. When I finally realised that happiness was a skill to be practiced everyday before it became a habit…. a weight was lifted from all the pressures of ‘need’.

There are still times ofcourse where this knowledge slips and my strive to practice, is overcome by the temptation that it would all be so much easier if I just had more.

However whenever I see myself slipping back into the darkness, I find one practice brings me back. Listing my joy.

Listing moments of joy, not matter how small, triggers something so powerful in your mind. Although at first it can feel uncomfortable, with practice you will re-programe your brain to find small moments of joy everywhere you go.

To help get you started here are 30 things that are bringing me joy right now.

  1. My husband bringing me my morning coffee in bed, and a little snuggles and chats we have while I drink it.
  2. My youngest daughter sleeping in just that little bit later, allowing me to wake up a bit more gently.
  3. Making things with my hands again. It helping me reconnect with my body in a creative way that I started to forget.
  4. Time spent talking to my eldest daughter about her favourite games, and embracing her special interests.
  5. Falling back in love with my home again. Making things for our home is helping me feel like its actually our space again, and somewhere I want to be at the end of the day.
  6. Swimming. Being back in the water this year has lifted my mindset. As someone with a-lot of fire in me, contact with water helps me rebalance and cool off.
  7. Autumn leaves. This is the first week were we have found some crunchy leaves on our walks, its just so satisfying.
  8. Sweater weather. I live for the cosy.
  9. Simple meals. Life is busy, but making the same simple meals again and again that I know are nutritious and enjoyable makes it all so much easier.

11. All my friends who are there to chat to at a moments notice. There have been many times in my life where I felt this wasn’t possible but thankfully now I know who I can turn and talk to.

12. I understand what my body needs more than ever, my health doesn’t feel like a guessing game any more.

13. My furbaby. who doesnt love fluffy snuggles.

14. The playlist my husband makes for me.

15. Embracing comfy loose fit clothes again. Comfort wins everytime.

16. When my kids try to tell a joke and it makes absolutely no sence.

17. Tea, all the teas.

18. Yoga and Tai Chi, for helping me control and embrace my energy.

19. The smell of baking on the weekends.

20. Learning about literally anything.

21. Time spent outside.

22. Everytime I get inspired with a new creative idea and even mores o when I already have the reasoures to carry it out.

23. Date nights with my husband and date days with my girls. Making the most of the opportunity for 1-on-1 time.

24. Clean bed sheets after long herbal salt baths.

25. Board game nights. I like the excuse to be away from screens these days,. Board games give us that opportunity, along with actual human interaction.

26. Listening to old music. Nostalgia.

27. Anything cinnamon flavour.

28. Listening to a rain storm while I am snuggled up warm, with a hot chocolate and my sketch book.

29. Planning with my family. It can be adventures or just what game we are going to play on the weekend. Having something to look forward to lifts my heart.

30. Movie nights with all the snacks.

Taking the time to be consciously thankful for this little things can make a big impact in how we see the world. Life is made up of many more small moments that big. We so often will let big bad moments control our emotions throughout the day but we only allow the big good moments to shift our mood. When we choose to recognise the little good moments a powerful shift in the dynamic of our perspective of the world happens.

Is it easy? No. Like any change that takes conscious focus, it takes discipline. But it is so worth it.

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