A year of wholefood plant based (on a budget)

I made a book!

I actually made a book and you can buy it here: A Year of Wholefood Plant based

Ive been stuck in a slight feeling of shock and awe over the past few days since the book has been completed and gone into publication. For all of the start of adulthood I have been stuck in this never ending cycle of procrastination. My head is a never ending buzz of creative ideas, however its also filled with anxious reasons why I would never be able to pull them off. But after all the extra thinking time this year, I finally over thought my over thinking and realised how much I have put off trying out of fear of failure. I got to this point where I suddenly realised if I carried on the way I was going I was going to reach old age only being able to say ‘I could of, if I tried’. Suddenly the fear of never trying became stronger than the fear of failure and I knew I had to start finishing all the projects I partially started ….. then gave up on.

So this book is only the beginning.

But what is it all about?……….

A year Wholefood Plant based (on a budget) is an entire year of meal plans, yes 52 weeks of pre-made meal plans; breakfast, lunch and dinner, all completely wholefood plant based, taking budget food shopping into mind. Its not just the meal plans though there is 50+ recipes to go along with it too! Each recipes is using easy the find inexpensive ingredients making a healthy wholefood plant based diet accessible to all.

This book is the book I wish I had when I started eating wholefood plant based 6 years ago. so many books I bought when starting out this journey had overwhelmingly complicated or expensive recipes which often also didn’t suit my tastes. This book has so many of my favourite meals, the ones I can eat and make time and time again and never get fed up of.

I hope you enjoy the book and the many others soon to follow

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