Affirmations for Healing


I’ve talked about how I support mindfulness day to day. I even have a dedicated #mindfulnessmonday on my Instagram stories. However I have never talked about affirmations and how repeating positive statements can help readjust your mindset into focusing on your goals.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations seemed to get a lot of limelight after ‘the secret‘ film came out. This idea that changing your mindset to a positive focus could change the world around you was so appealing to many. However although I do use affirmations in this way, and as a family we are believers in working with the universe…. this is not how I refer to affirmations in this blog.

How do I use affirmations?

These are simply reminders to call back your self from those points of panic, fear and depression that can be so easy to slip into while going through a healing process. I keep these written in my phone for whenever I feel myself going into a state of stress. They are short positive affirmations I can easily focus on when my brain is going on a spiral but I know healing should be my goal. No matter what type of healing you are going through whether its mental or physical use these powerful affirmations as part of your daily live to see dramatically increased results.

  1. I am strong
I am strong healing affirmation

2. I am surrounded by love

I am surrounded by love  healing affirmation

3. I am healthy

I am healthy healing affirmation

4. I have all the tools to heal

I have all the tools to heal healing affirmation

5. I am at peace with my past

i am at peace with my past healing affirmation

6. I look forward to the future

I look forward to the future healing affirmation

7. I am happy

i am happy healing affirmation

8. I am powerful

i am powerful healing affirmation

9. I am independent

i am indépendant healing affirmation

10. I am confident

i am confident healing affirmation

11. I am joyful

i am joyful healing affirmation

12. I am filled gratitude

i am filled with gratitude healing affirmation
  • Try using these affirmations first thing in the morning to set your focus for the day or whenever you find you are starting to struggle with motivation.
  • Then try adding your own affirmations once you understand where your mental blocks are.
  • Affirmations may not be a magic pill to heal but it can be a great tool on your journey of healing.
  • If you are struggling with consistency try using a journal to collect your affirmations in, to bring structure to your practice.

If you would like to use more affirmations and journaling in your healing practice check out our collection of workbooks in our shop.

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