Our Favourite Winter Warmer Plantbased Recipes

We are now deep into November and starting to feel the chill, it’s time to dig out all the winter warmer recipes! As much as many of us complain about the colder weather, there is something so soothing about snuggling up under a blanket on a cold winters day with a cosy bowl of comfortContinue reading “Our Favourite Winter Warmer Plantbased Recipes”

Cosy Minestrone Soup

Cosy minestrone soup is the perfect sick day bowl of health. Whether you just need warming up on a cold day or are looking for a hug in a bowl. If you want to support what we do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee here : http://ko-fi.com/restorativewellbeing …. follow us on social media…. INSTAGRAMContinue reading “Cosy Minestrone Soup”

Vegan Pizza Rolls

We love a junk food treat. However in this household it looks a bit different. We like to get the most out of every meal, experimenting with ways to make them as nutrient dense as possible, while still keeping that comfort factor! When it comes to junk food classics like Pizza, it all starts withContinue reading “Vegan Pizza Rolls”

Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie

Creamy dreamy pumpkin spice latte smoothie! This ain’t your usual basic PBL. Is it really pumpkin spice with out some pumpkin? We think not. So we had to make a pumpkin spice smoothie with that added caffeine kick to help you get going in the mornings. Naturally sweetened with bananas and of course pumpkin puréeContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie”

Nutrition Facts of Onions: The good the bad and the IBS

Praised for their immune enhancing properties, but how much do we really know about the nutrition facts of onions? Should they be a staple in our diets or could they be doing more harm than good? Lets dig a little deeper. Onions (Allium cepa), from the classic large bulb vegetable to its many relations ofContinue reading “Nutrition Facts of Onions: The good the bad and the IBS”

Lazy Baked Falafel

Falafel has become a vegan staple, but who has time to be standing frying them all day! If your feeling time short try these lazy baked falafel, the perfect meal prep falafel. There are so many things I love about these falafel not just they time convenience. Lower is saturated fat and even kid approved,Continue reading “Lazy Baked Falafel”

Does BMI score really indicate health?

BMI (Body mass index) has been used as a measurement of health within the medical industry for over 100 years. This tool is used in many countries across the globe and has propelled as an authority to make the judgement: healthy or sick. The critics are out on how much we can actually trust it,Continue reading “Does BMI score really indicate health?”

Infrared Heat Lamps – Healing with light.

Is infrared heat lamp therapy for you?  It is estimated that in 2016  20.4% of US adults suffered from chronic pain. Chronic pain can impact every aspect of your life. Thankfully there are more and more options becoming available to help treat chronic pain. These Include increasingly popular infrared light therapy, but like with allContinue reading “Infrared Heat Lamps – Healing with light.”

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We have created an exclusive new printable especially for our NEW newsletter subscribers!! Who doesn’t love a good newsletter freebie! What can you expect in from your free gift? Our free gift for NEW subscribers includes our top 8 ultimate seasoning blends in a handy recipe card format. Perfect to keep to hand whenever youContinue reading “Sign up to our Newsletters for a new Freebie!!”

7 Benefits of Rebounding

Looking for an exercise with a difference, something fun that can provide all over health benefits? Rebounding could be for you.  Although rebounding has been around for a long time, the wide variety of benefits remain the same. The research shows for long term health it is definitely worth considering adding it to your workoutContinue reading “7 Benefits of Rebounding”