Baked Bananas


This dessert it all about the toppings, take a few minuets to set up a little topping bar and let the kids ( and kids at heart) go to town!

BBQ Bananas

My favourite way to make this is actually on a BBQ. Wrap the bananas in some tinfoil, then place on a BBQ right at the end as the heat is dyeing down. Perfectly in time for dessert. They should only take around 10 minuets to start to get gooey. Then you can serve them still in the foil so all the melty toppings get caught. When your doing an all-day bbq, this works so well.

Eat more bananas

Bananas not only make a delicious dessert or snack but they are filled with health benefits.

  • High in fibre, important for gut and bowl health.
  • High in Potassium, an electrolyte that regulates fluid balance, essential for blood pressure control.
  • Contains Leucocyanidin, promotes stomach mucus membrane that neutralises stomach acid, eliminating heart burn
  • High calorie and unrefined sugar content, gives an energy boost, makes them a great pre and post workout snack.
  • Contains Tryptophan an amino acid (protein building block), which converts into serotonin, the ‘feel good’ brain chemical.

Although bananas have a variety of health benefits, like with any food listen to your body. They have also been known to trigger migraines, and in rare circumstances create allergic reactions.

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