Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup with Crispy Kale

This healing sweet potato soup is perfect for days when your needing a comforting nutrition boost. Easy to make and packed with lots of flavour its a great recipe to batch cook to have a few portions to hand for lazy days. The addition of crispy kale makes an addictive healthy iron packed alternative to croutons that you will be topping all your favourite dishes with.

Sweet potato and coconut soup

Servings 3


  • 1 red onion diced
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 celery rib roughly chopped
  • 3 medium sweet potato chopped
  • 1 tbsp fresh thyme chopped
  • 4 cups stock
  • 1 tin coconut milk
  • 2 cups shredded kale
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


  • Add onion and celery to a pan over a medium heat with a little water or oil and cook for around 5 minuets or until soft.
  • Add the sweet potatoes, garlic and thyme. cook for a further minuet.
  • Add the stock and simmer for 20 minuets until the potatoes are soft.
  • Leave the soup to cool.
  • Puree the soup in a blender until nice and smooth. Do this in batches if you have a small blender
  • Turn your oven on to 180c and place the oil, kale and salt onto a baking dish.
  • Put the kale in the oven and add the coconut milk to the soup.
  • Warm the soup up on the stove. By the time the soup has warmed the kale should be nice and crisp.
  • Serve in big cwtchy bowls with the crispy kale sprinkled on top.


To batch cook this recipe double all the soup ingredients, an leave to cool before freezing. Sadly the kale doesn’t work well cooked int batches and is best made fresh, however with it only taking a few minuets to cook its totally worth it.

Source your ingredients –

Onion – I have a tendency to use red onions a lot in my recipes purely because I’m a wimp and they make me cry less, but I honestly don’t feel it matters what type you use, just use what you’ve got in the house and it will still taste amazing

Garlic – I say 2 cloves but really thats a minimum. Garlic lover? then just put in as much a you want.

Celery – Don’t worry if you hate celery you wont taste it I promise

Sweet potatoes – they vary in size so much, so when i say large i mean the size of a childs head large.

Thyme – we use fresh from our garden, however dried works good too

Stock – home made is best, but I’m never organised enough, so we use Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Stock powder.

Coconut milk tinned for this recipe rather than from the carton

Kale – any type works even Dinosaur kale (Calvo Nero)

OilCoconut or olive oil for minimal processing.

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