Broad Bean Dip

Deliciously creamy high protein dip.

It’s our first year learning to grow our own organic food on our family allotment. It was actually 8 years ago that we decided to venture into organic living and its been a waiting game to get the same. But ofcourse the reality of having the space to grown our own food comes with its own learning curves. From learning the many many ways of pest control, understanding our soil condition, and working out how many plants we need of each food.

All of this will come with time over the next few years, but right now we have a glut of broad beans, and I don’t even like broad beans…..

But I am not one to simply give up on a vegetable.

So I got experimenting and came up with this deliciously creamy broad bean dip!. Similar to a hummus it goes delicious in wraps, salads or simply as dip for some chips or veggie sticks.

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