Favourite Plant-based Picnic Recipes.

Pesto Pasta Salad Make this delicious nutrient dense pesto with your favourite pasta shape, allow to cool and refrigerate overnight for a great make it advance pesto salad. Paprika potato salad Energy Balls Caesar salad Falafel wraps Berry Chia Pudding Jewelled Quinoa Peanut butter cookies Crunchy Cinnamon Chickpeas Golden Quinoa Beetroot Hummus

Chocolate Chia Energy Balls

A rich nutty chocolate flavour and a yummy chewy texture, these energy balls have become our family staple snack. I’m not sure how I haven’t posted these before. These energy balls have been a staple in our home for years, and they always disappear so quickly. High in healthy fats and a mixture of plantContinue reading “Chocolate Chia Energy Balls”

Paprika potato salad

There was a time when I was travelling around almost every day with my eldest daughter. Taking various buses and trains to get to our next adventure. Exploring nature, visiting friends, and enjoying the freedom our lifestyle brought. It is something I look back very fondly upon. But one of the things that made itContinue reading “Paprika potato salad”

Golden Turmeric Latte

The best night time drink without fail. Filled with anti-inflamtory ingredients but with the soothing comfort of warm with to help you drink off into a peaceful deep sleep. For a long time I really struggled with poor sleep. From insomnia, night terrors, and general all round restlessness. Over the years I have tried soContinue reading “Golden Turmeric Latte”

Tofu Caesar Salad

The perfect vegan caesar salad. Mountains of crisp crunchy lettuce smothered in an addictive dressing and topped with delicately seasoned crisp tofu. This salad has quickly become a summer staple in our house, its packed full of flavour but so simple to make. Since we started making the dressing for this salad I have eatenContinue reading “Tofu Caesar Salad”

Broad Bean Dip

Deliciously creamy high protein dip. It’s our first year learning to grow our own organic food on our family allotment. It was actually 8 years ago that we decided to venture into organic living and its been a waiting game to get the same. But ofcourse the reality of having the space to grown ourContinue reading “Broad Bean Dip”

Plant-Based Camping Pancakes

A little twist on our usual pancakes recipe to make it camping friendly. You didn’t expect us to go camping without so epic pancake breakfasts did you? If you follow Restorative Wellbeing on instagram you will know pancake breakfasts are an important part of our joyful health eating. And if you don’t follow us yetContinue reading “Plant-Based Camping Pancakes”

Campfire Soy Bolognese

A paired down version of my usual bolognese recipe, using dried and tinned ingredients for ease of camping and traveling. This deliciously effective bolognese has become a camping staple for us. i first made this bolognese very early on in my healing journey. Because of the minimal prep and quick cook time it became theContinue reading “Campfire Soy Bolognese”

Salt and Pepper Tofu Kebabs

Quick but delicious tofu kebabs, perfect for a last minuet bbq. These kebabs area great way to add some healthy complete protein to your bbq feast with very little effort. I chose a seasoning that would be easy to put together last minuet, but feel free to use some other seasoning combos. experiment and haveContinue reading “Salt and Pepper Tofu Kebabs”

Instant pot noodles

Home made instant noodles are the perfect accompaniment to camping trips. These noodles pack so much goodness in them. Using wholewheat noodles for slow releasing energy from complex carbs and a nutrient dense selection of veggies. I love variety in my food and these noodles pots are no different, so i have created 4 differentContinue reading “Instant pot noodles”