The Eight Limbs of Yoga – YOGa philosophy by Emma Elliot

This article on the eight limbs of yoga is guest written by Emma Elliot. Emma is an artist and yoga teacher student nearing the end of her 200hr ytt. You can see Emma’s art and follow her yoga journey on her instagram:

Meditation and blood pressure

One of the leading causes to high blood pressure is stress, so could mastering the art of mindfulness and meditation be the solution?. If you want to further support what we do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee here : …. follow us on social media…. INSTAGRAM (@restorative_wellbeing) ► FACEBOOK ► reading “Meditation and blood pressure”

Journalling for the New Moon

Whats the big deal with the new moon? Humans are made of 60% water, it flows through us, and when we are low on water our bodies cannot function properly. But just as the tides of the sea is effected by the gravitational pull of the moon, so it all the other water on theContinue reading “Journalling for the New Moon”