30 small things bringing me joy

There have been several points in my life where I have really struggled to find joy. The world has felt dark and all consuming. Round every corner is a new panic attack and my heart feels filled with dispare. I dropped in and out of these periods of my life for a long time beforeContinue reading “30 small things bringing me joy”

Hot Chocolate Porridge – the perfect Christmas buildup breakfast.

Can’t wait to start the Christmas festivities? Get started with this indulgent hot chocolate porridge. IT’S CHIRSTMAAAAS!! It’s on November 21st but we are in full Christmas swing. The decorations are up, the Christmas playlist is on a constant loop, and of course the food is indulgent af. But we do things differently round here,Continue reading “Hot Chocolate Porridge – the perfect Christmas buildup breakfast.”

Infrared Heat Lamps – Healing with light.

Is infrared heat lamp therapy for you?  It is estimated that in 2016  20.4% of US adults suffered from chronic pain. Chronic pain can impact every aspect of your life. Thankfully there are more and more options becoming available to help treat chronic pain. These Include increasingly popular infrared light therapy, but like with allContinue reading “Infrared Heat Lamps – Healing with light.”

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We have created an exclusive new printable especially for our NEW newsletter subscribers!! Who doesn’t love a good newsletter freebie! What can you expect in from your free gift? Our free gift for NEW subscribers includes our top 8 ultimate seasoning blends in a handy recipe card format. Perfect to keep to hand whenever youContinue reading “Sign up to our Newsletters for a new Freebie!!”

Plant based Camping recipes

Our favourite plant based camping recipes. Family camping is one of my happy places. Spending any time in nature with my family is bliss, but it is my daydream to sell everything and live a more wild life. Camping allows me a little glimpse into that day dream of wild living. As with anything inContinue reading “Plant based Camping recipes”

Instant pot noodles

Home made instant noodles are the perfect accompaniment to camping trips. These noodles pack so much goodness in them. Using wholewheat noodles for slow releasing energy from complex carbs and a nutrient dense selection of veggies. I love variety in my food and these noodles pots are no different, so i have created 4 differentContinue reading “Instant pot noodles”

Campfire vegan stew

Nothing is more comforting on a cold night camping than some homemade stew. This comforting recipes is no exception. made with heart filling ingredients and delicious seasoning combo. This recipe lends its self beautifully to camping, with most of the ingredients being available tinned there is no worry of ingredients spoiling and very minimal prep.Continue reading “Campfire vegan stew”

90 Forms of self care that are completely free.

I probably didn’t have to list 90, it’s a little  ott. But I wanted to show you how utterly simple self care can be. Often it’s the impact of intentional focus that makes the biggest impact. So much so that even just sitting down and taking the time to really focus on writing this listContinue reading “90 Forms of self care that are completely free.”

Simple Pickled Radish Recipe

This is a totally different way of tasting crunchy peppery radish. This tangy twist on the simple radish is delicious topped onto almost any savoury dish. Since first making this the other way we have tried them in tacos, wraps and even on top of pizza!! The pizza was especially surprisingly awesome. This is evenContinue reading “Simple Pickled Radish Recipe”

Reading nutritional basic biomarkers

What are nutritional biomarkers? Nutitional biomarkers are the results of test that provide objective information of how your diet is effecting you body. Most commonly through the fiorm of blood tests. biomarkers are essential for diagnosis of multiple dis-ease and deficiencies. In this article we are going to look at how to understand the resultsContinue reading “Reading nutritional basic biomarkers”