Chamomile Ice Lollies

Chamomile ice lollies

These ice lollies are a game changer. We have been making these for years and they have so many therapeutic uses. Originally we started making them for teething, after realising the main ingredients in many herbal teething remedies was in-fact, matricaria, a type of chamomile. One of the most well known ones, if also very expensive and doesn’t last very long, where as we had chamomile tea in abundance.

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

There are so many benefits to chamomile tea. You can sip it during the day to bring tranquility and ease to anxiety. And it’s the perfect way to help you slip off into a deep sleep in the evenings. But how exactly does it help us:

  • Improved sleep quality: it contain apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to receptors in your brain that promotes sleepiness and overall improved sleep quality.
  • Helps some with heartburn, indigestion and stomach ulcers; it reduces acidity in the stomach in some people, and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the stomach ( a contributing factors to stomach ulcers)
  • Promising anti-cancer studies; antioxidant apigenin has shown promising results in fighting breast, digestive tract, skin prostate, uterus and thyroid cancers. (more research is needed to make a full conclusion)
  • Potential to lower blood sugar levels; Antioxidants in chamomile have been shown to protect the pancreas from chronic high blood sugar levels, ensuring efficient insulin production.
  • Soothing for sore throats; anti-inflamatory properties make it great for alliments such a sore throats, helping you relax and recover.
  • Relieves anxiety and depression; Chamomile helps you relax and slow down. great for over thinkers.
  • Skin soothing; Anti-inflamatory properties makes it a popular ingredients in skin care. But it also makes it great for adding to a bath.

Your brewing it all wrong!

The biggest mistake I’ve found people make when it comes to chamomile tea is how strong they brew it. If you want it to be medicinal, you need to make it STRONG. A tea bag just isn’t going to cut it. If you really want to start using chamomile for medicinal benefits, you need to invest in a loose leaf tea pot, and use a table spoon or too. Not forgetting a decent 5-10 minuet brewing time too. Thankfully this recipe lend its self well to a long brewing time , as you want the tea to completely cool before using it.

You can buy loose leaf chamomile tea here

These are not just for teething….

Although this ice lollies have saved us when dealing with teething bubbas, we have made them time and time again. They are great for all round generally relaxing our kids, especially when they are really energetic int he summer. We use them to cool off and wind down after a day in the sun gardening. I even enjoyed then on hot summers nights when I was pregnant and just couldn’t cool down. And I very much plan to keep them stocked up in the freezer when I go through menopause. They are a simple, refreshing way to use chamomile in the summer and i cannot recommend them enough.

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