Chocolate Orange loaf – 12 days of Christmas recipes

Yummy festive twist on my chocolate bread recipe from earlier in the year. Think bread meets Terrys chocolate orange.

This recipe is made with the intention for use in a bread machine on the sweet setting. I haven’t tried to make it by hand so i am unsure how that would turn out, but if you give it a try please please please comment below to let me know how it turns out.



For the glaze


  1. Place ingredients into bread maker pan in the order above, making sure the flour create a barrier between the yeast and liquid.
  2. Put the bread machine to go on the sweet setting for a large loaf.
  3. Once the bread is cooked and fully cooled, mix together the glaze.
  4. Slowly brush the glaze onto the top of the bread allowing it to absorb slightly.
  5. Let the glaze set for an hour before cutting.
  6. Enjoy toasted and topped with chocolate spread, marmalade or but butters.

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