Creamy Pasta Bake

Creamy delicious comfort food pasta.

We are all about finding joy in healthy food at Restorative Wellbeing. What better food joy is there than comfort foods. For me deliciously rich pasta dishes are a big comfort food. Creating beautiful memories of tucking into a big bowl of warmth after a cold walk home on a school day.

It is not just the warmth that makes pasta feel like a comfort, its also meeting our carbohydrate cravings that spike during the colder months. Our craving for carbs goes up and the temperature drops due to a rise in a hormone called glucocorticoid. This is caused by the low level stress of temperature changes. Along with the shorter days limiting our exposure to natural sunlight, resulting in a drop in serotonin production, leaves us reaching for glucocorticoid and serotonin boosting carbohydrates.

We are big supporters of listening to and honoring your bodies cravings and we make no exceptions when it comes to winter carb cravings. Thats why we have created recipes such as this to help your honour your cavings in a health and nutritious way. This pasta recipes is packed full of nutrient dense greens, healthy fats, and delicious beneficial seasonings.

Gluten Free for the win!

More and more people are finding that wheat digestion is having detrimental effects on their health, and although the wealth of evidence is pointing towards modern farming practices (pesticides used t dry the wheat rapidly), this doesn’t look set to change anytime soon. Do not worry though we’ve got your back. you can still enjoy this delicious pasta dish and many more with these awesome legume pastas.

I rate legume pasta over other gluten free pasta because they have such a great nutritional profile and minimal additional ingredients. Yet every-time I eat them I am amazed at the texture. My kids cant even tell the difference, and they have both gone through some serious fussy phases.

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