Epic Vegan French Toast

When I was a student in Art college many many years ago, I loved to make French toast on the weekends, it was my go-to hangover food. (I think I fancied myself a bit of a cook then too) Then I would make a more typical french toast, soaking some cheap supermarket brand white bread in some whisked eggs, frying it up until crispy and then slathering it in tomato ketchup ( I didn’t even realise at the time sweet french toast was a thing, maybe showing my Welshness and my reach for Welsh rarebit over french toast)

This version however is so far from the one I cooked all those years ago but WOW it is so good. I usually pair it with some fresh or frozen berries depending on the season, but it also goes well with some homemade hazelnut and chocolate spread, or a fruity smoothie on the side. It feels like such a treat to start the day, and the making has the same mindfulness feels as when I make pancakes.

(Go check out my insta for lots of pancake making)

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