Fruity Christmas Party Punch

Fruity Christmas punch

These punch bowls are so easy to throe together at a moments notice and simply make a party next level.

We love to host party’s and my partners punch is legendary, with many a story being blamed on the punch. At Christmas time he makes a special effort to include lots of yummy festive fruit flavours and decoration. This year he also made a child friendly version because the kids where so envious of how beautiful it looked (they had so much fun drinking it with their friends, using the little ladle to boot.)

This punch also makes a great winter drink, its packed full of vitamin C rich fruit juice giving your immune system a great support during the colder days as well as helping combat SAD with sunshine fruits.




Throw all the ingredientes into a large bowl and give it a little stir. If you can put it in the fridge to chill for an hour before drinking. If not add some ice cubes just before drinking. Simple


Orange juice, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice – as with all juices use fresh is possible, however if this is not an option use not from concentrate.

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