Golden Quinoa

When I was around 19 I went to a family wedding, and we satying in a beautiful cosy B&B run by the Vicars wife. They had been pre-warned I was vegetarian, which strangly was still somewhat of a variety then. So they went out of their way to provide me with an abundance of high protein vegetarian breakfast options. Bare in mind I wasn’t much of an adventurous vegetarian. In amongst them was quinoa, which everyone seemed to make a big deal of.

Now I was an anxious eater, and I remember looking at these weird curly grain things and thinking What the fuck! I wasn’t happy, and I was having that stern, ‘you better eat some to be polite’ look from my mum.

Which I did….

Now this wasn’t a pleasant experience of quinoa. It was unflavoured, overcooked and apparently I have to put milk on it!?!?!

As I got older and my eating world however opened up I learn how to cook quinoa properly, and a variety of complementary seasonings. This is just one that my family really enjoy, its wonderful sunshine colour will brighten up any dark day.

I advice you eat it with some steamed veggies and crispy spicy tofu!!

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