Nutrition and Health Coaching


The aim of my work is to help you improve your health and emotional wellbeing with the power of science based nutrition and lifestyle changes to live healthy with ease. I work with you to create an understanding of nutrition while re-building your relationship with food and a naturally active lifestyle to one of joy and abundance.

Healthy eating is too often associated with lack, deprivation and starvation; a mindset that leaves us feeling like we are being punished and far from a place of joy.

But it is my belief that every-time we eat healthy food that nourishes our bodies, it is a rebellious act of self love, thanking our bodies for all they have done for us.

Working with me will introduce you to an abundance of new healing and nourishing foods.

Each package includes:

  • Personalised recipes (to suit your tastes, time, and nutritional needs)
  • Weekly one-to-one zoom calls
  • Accountability messages
  • Support messaging service
  • Access to THE CIRCLE support group


Groggy, tired, fatigued and just plain fed up? I know I’ve been there. Constant tiredness or fluctuating energy levels can get in the way of life. I work with you to find nutritional holes in your diet that cold be leading to mild deficiencies effecting your energy levels, develop healthy low prep recipes that suit your tastes and nutritional needs, and teach you what foods keep you feeling energised and how to actually enjoy them so they are no longer a chore.


New to plant based eating or just stuck in a rut? Plant based nutrition can feel like a minefield, especially when your being grilled constantly about where your protein comes from…. but don’t worry with my plant based package I can help you identify your any nutritional holes in your diet. Then develop recipes that suit your tastes, time, and ability ( I can even do cook alongs to help improve your cooking skills) I will be your plant based support network to


‘Healthy food is ick’ Well that was my view for far too long. I lived off chocolate bars, processed milkshakes and sweets; and I couldn’t work out why I was so ill. When moving to a more nutritious way of eating I had to change my whole mindset towards food. In this package I introduce you to a new way of looking at food, through mindful eating practices I will introduce you to new nutritious foods and develop personal recipes to help you see healthy foods in whole new light.

If you think one of these packages sounds like what you need book a call with me now and we can go deeper in depth to your needs and how I can best help you on your journey.

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