Nutrition is about more than weight loss…

I never delved into the world of nutrition to loose weight. It was the last of my worries. So when I trained as a nutrition coach I was thoroughly disappointed that it was so heavily at the fore front, of my training and every conversation there after. I wanted to be able to help people with their nutrition, but as I also started to work with clients, it quickly became increasingly clearer to me that people were only interested in the aesthetic possibilities to be gained through nutritional guidance. In fact not only was the only interest weight loss, but people were willing to manipulate how ate to loose weight even if it meant their over all physical and mental health would suffer in the long term.

You may think I am being a bit dramatic. Who would put their health at risk for weight loss….. but people are doing it every day. From cutting out one macronutrient for another, to using heavily processes foods simply because they have a lower calorie content.

As a sick teen I was consistently told by doctors that my nutrition must have been fine because I wasn’t over or particularly under weight, and my basic blood markers were acceptable. I spent many more years getting sicker and sicker, with the same things being repeated. I kept eating my heavily processed diet whilst staying slim and searching for answers from medical professional as to why I was so ill.

Eventually I decided to take things into my own hands.

I delved deep into nutrition and holistic practices, began to heal my body and see improvements in my health for the first time; and Restorative Wellbeing was born.

There are so many advantages to nutrition beyond weight loss that simply don’t get talked about enough. Things that in my opinion should trump weight loss in reasons to take a deep look at what you are putting into your body.

  • Stable Energy – Having fairly stable energy levels throughout the day is a dream for alot of people. We have become used to slumps throughout the day, that are perkerd back up with caffine and sugar to keep up highly stimulated enough to keep up with our modern world. But stable energy creates less stress and tension on our bodies and also allows us to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed and happy.
  • Improved sleep – Good quality sleep plays a vital part in our healing and development; and what we expose our bodies to can play a big part in how well we sleep, from foods filled with tryptophan, to the bedtime hygiene we create for ourselves to rid distractions and create a habit of relaxation. Check out these posts on sleep to learn more: what is sleep hygeine. How to improve sleep naturally
  • Improved memory – Memory is a great indication of your brain health especially as you age.There are numerous was to improve your memory through diet and daily activities that stimulate certain parts of the brain.
  • Improved focus – Having clear focused thoughts makes life easier to manage, but being faced with constant stimulation can make this difficult and stressful. removing over stimulating foods and external sources can help us find the calm to focus and listen to our bodies communication with us once again.
  • Improved skin – Our skin sheds constantly, and new skin is formed constantly, and the first building blocks of those new skin cells comes from the fuel we give our bodies. What we eat plays a vital role in how those new cells are built.
  • Improved mental health – the ability to feel emotionally healthy and resilient is becoming more and more scarce. It has slowly become the norm to struggle mentally. Living in a world that keep up over stimulated and continually stressed, it is a breading ground for a large array of emotional and mental health problems.
  • Improved joint movement – Poor joint movement is one of those this we always associate with getting old, get many people actually start to experience it in their 30s. If can often be put down to poor dietary choices and repetitive movement or even a lack of movement.
  • Lower inflammation – Inflammation is said to be the source of every dis-ease, by it has been shown it can be influences by diet, from the many anti-inflammatory foods, to it’s connection with essential fatty acid ratios.
  • Efficient and comfortable digestion – from your dental hygiene, stomach acid levels all the way down effective elimination; your digestive system gives off signs constantly about your health, informing you continually about how the foods you eat are effecting your body.
  • Stable blood pressure – Blood pressure focus is greatly on bringing it down, but low blood pressure can be just as dangerous and high blood pressure. We are looking for stability. Not just when sitting in a doctors office too, monitor how your blood pressure falls and rises, it can be an indicator of dehydration, stress, anxiety, mineral deficiency, food intolerance, heart defects, auto immune disease so mention but a few.
  • Stable blood sugars – Again we are looking for stability, there is a healthy way in which they should rise and fall, but there shouldn’t be big extremes.
  • Nutritional biomarkers (beyond the minimum requirements) – so many of the above will have been disregarded as caused by diet because the persons nutritional biomarkers were within the acceptable range; but the acceptable ranges are very low, so although they may not be technically deficient, they do not have the amount of nutritional they would need to therapeutically heal. And that is what we are about here, restoring your wellbeing, exploring ways to heal.

So how do we find ours ways around this system that focus’ on body mass over other signs of health?

The simplest bit of advice I could give is, to always ask for any test results, the full results on paper, and then learn exactly what they mean. You do not have to take a doctors word for it, get educated and learn for yourself. Then when you understand that understand the ways you can heal it, research all the foods, all the therapies, all the medicine and the side effects of each and make an informed decision.

Your health is in your hands.

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