Plant based Camping recipes

Our favourite plant based camping recipes.

Family camping is one of my happy places. Spending any time in nature with my family is bliss, but it is my daydream to sell everything and live a more wild life. Camping allows me a little glimpse into that day dream of wild living.

Family camping

As with anything in our lives, there is always a big focus on food! Camping is no exception, I get so much joy out of planning our camping meals, and the atmosphere of cooking outside is my bliss.

We like to camp quite basic. I never want to have to set up or pack away more than necessary when camping. Let’s be honest it’s a tiring holiday, fun but tiring, why make it extra work. SO all of these recipes are only cooked using a basic 1 hob camping stove, a camping sauce pan, a camping frying pan and a camping kettle. Many can be done with less however.

I really like to hyper organise our food for camping, to ensure everything is packed neatly, to minimise space taken in the care and to make sure I can actually find thing when I need them.

When planning out your meals ensure you keep eat more perishable meals first and any dried long lasting meals later in your holiday.


Having a good breakfast planned when camping is essential. Nothing is more beautiful that cooking breakfast in nature, embracing the morning air. Here are my two go to plant based breakfasts for a relaxed morning camping.

Instant porridge

Family Meals

Whether your looking for something for lunch or dinner these family meals are great for some alfresco vegan cooking. Make your plant based camping trip one to remember.

Campfire vegan stew
Alfresco Soy Bolognese
Campfire bolognese
Campstove Tacos
Instant noodles
Home made instant noodles
Home made instant noodles


It’s a holiday after all. End your day with one of these warm and deliciously sweet recipes.

Maca and Peanut butter Hot Chocolate
Peach Crumble Pie

No cook/Make before

These are things I find useful to bring ready made or connivence foods, to make life a little easier.

Energy Balls

Granola cookies


Protein shakes – try our meal time Vanilla and chocolate!

Fruit – Avoid soft fruit, as it will spoil quicker if your tent gets warm during the day.


I’ve really enjoyed making these camping style recipes, but they are not only useful for camping. Thee recipes use very little prep, and the majority of ingredients can be stored much longer than fresh; making these recipe ideal for those who are either very busy or struggle with mobility restrictions that can effect their cooking abilities.

It is important to me to include these types of recipes within the circle, as I know first hand how difficult it can be to make the transition to healthy eating when mobility is restricted.

When I was starting my healing journey, I was struggling so much with fatigue, the thought of having to cook everything from scratch was overwhelming. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the stress of managing what food I had in the house and using it before it went off. After all the appeal of uber-processed convenience foods is their speed, low prep and long shelf life right?!

Thats where recipes such as these really helped. Knowing they would take very little of my energy to make AND I couldn’t always have the ingredients to hand. Although they used alot less energy to make, the big difference between these and eating uber-processed foods, is how nutrient dense they are. Yes they are not as nutrient dense as some of my other recipes BUT they are a huge step above.

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