Pomegranate, clementine and pecan salad – 12 Days of Christmas

It’s the first day of our 12 days of Christmas recipe share! All the recipes shared over the next 12 days will be whole-foods plant-based and naturally nutrient-dense. Designed to give you the immune boost you need over the cold months without missing out on all the seasonal flavours!

The perfect delicious mix of sweet, salty and crunchy with a Christmas twist. I know salads aren’t traditional this time of year but they are great to have on stand by as a filler to left overs of when you just feel you need something lighter between all heavier winter comfort foods. This is also a great way to get in a bit variety of nutrient dense foods that you might not be getting otherwise.





1. Gently mix together the pomegranate, clementines, nuts, salad greens and feta.

2. Whisk together the dijon mustard, agave syrup, water and salt and pepper.

3. Just before serving, pour over the dressing and lightly toss.


Pomegranate – If you haven’t bought fresh pomegranate before, don’t be intimidated by preparing it, it gets a little messy but it’s totally worth it. This is one of my children’s favourite seasonal fruits, they are super sweet and fun and not worth substituting in this recipe.

Clementines – any small sweet orange variety will work, but clementines are easily available around Christmas.

Pecan nuts – pecans do taste best here but if you need to substitute with any chopped nut will work.

Salad leaves – Go for anything you want, you can stick to just spinach leaves or use a mix.

Vegan Feta – If you don’t have the extra time to make homemade feta, tofu cooked in garlic and sage tastes super delicious with this salad and only takes a few minutes to cook up.

Dijon mustard – you can also substitute for wholegrain mustard, but don’t use English mustard.

Agave syrup – Maple syrup is a great alternative but will give a nut nutty taste.

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Restorative wellbeing, pomegranate, clementine and pecan salad recipe card.

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