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Over 80 wholefood delicious plant-based recipes. Designed with variety to please every taste bud and get you started on your healing journey. Nutrition can be so confusing, but restorative well-being is here to break it down. Let’s help you fall in love with wholesome nutritious food, and along with it the joy of cooking from scratch. 

Restorative wellbeing first released a recipe book in 2021, and we loved hearing everything you had to say about it. From your most loved recipes, what you wanted more of and what you thought was missing. So when creating this book, we wanted to listen and give you what you needed. This book has been a labour of love and has resulted in the addition of many more recipes including, 2 extra sections, Snacks and Desserts. We also added plenty more inspirational photos, to motivate your cooking journey, and of course, some nutritional basics, to give you confidence with your new lifestyle.

We also heard your call to simplify the meal plans making them more user-friendly. Focusing in on seasonal cravings as inspiration.

Whether you are vegan or just trying to include more nutrient-dense recipes in your diet, the restorative well-being recipes will help you find your new favourites. From comforting everyday meals to something for that special occasion, restorative wellbeing will help you transform the way you eat. Restorative Wellbeing focuses on a whole food plant-based diet as a way of allowing the body to heal physically. The whole-food plant-based diet is championed as a healing diet by renowned doctors all over the world, including Dr Michael Gregor, author of how not to diet and Dr T. Colin Campell.

With sections including:

  • breakfasts
  • lunches
  • dinners
  • snacks
  • desserts

We know how daunting any lifestyle change can be, and there is a lot of misinformation about nutrition in a plant-based diet, so we have taken the time to break down what you need to know to make it simple and digestible. Focusing on the uses of micro-nutrients within the body, why they are so important and of course how you can easily source them in the plant-based diet.

By the end of this book, you will be left feeling confident in your plant-based journey. Confident in having taken the first step on your healing journey.

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