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Raw Fudgy Pecan Bars Recipe


Deliciously decadent fudgy pecan bars are the perfect afternoon pic me up. With the perfect combo of high fibre carbs and fatty protein, these energy bars give you an all-round balanced source of energy, not to mention the vast mix of vitamins and minerals to help your body effectively metabolise.

Ingredient Notes:

You’ll notice there are surprisingly little ingredients in these energy bars, making them a great budget make, however getting the right ingredients is important. Here are a few quick tips for getting the right ingredient and alternatives when needed.

Pecans: I really enjoy pecans in this recipe, but it works perfectly well with any nuts. From a nutritional point of view, all nuts have slightly different nutritional value, so using a mixture or a different variety every-time you make a batch would be ideal. From a financial perspective peanuts are cheapest and do work well in this recipe, especially with an added pinch of sea-salt.

Dates: Ideally go for mejool dates, they have the best sticky fudgy texture. Majool are fairly expensive though, so if you are on a budget, opt for those cheep extra dry dates, and rehydrate them. You can do this by pouring hot water over them and letting they sit for 30 minuets, this will help them get that sticky rich texture we need for the bars.

Cacao: Raw cacao is ideal. Cacao is minimally process cocoa bean, allowing more of nutrients to remain unaffected, however it is more expensive and cocoa powder (roasted and processed) is more readily available, cheaper and still contains many of the nutritional benefits of cacao.


Raw Fudgy Pecan Bars

Deliciously decadent raw energy bars.
Course Snack


  • 1 high speed food processor


  • 1 cup pecans
  • 2 mugs dates
  • 3 tbsp cacao powder


  • Place all the ingredients in the food processor, and blend until the dates and cacao are fully combinded and smooth. Don't worry about getting the pecans smooth, they are best a little chunky.
  • Transfer the mixture into a lined baking tray, and smooth them out as even as you can.
  • Freeze the mixture for an hour to help them set.
  • Once set cut into your desired size and store in the fridge.


Remember any nuts will work so use what you have, or mix it up every time. Different nuts have different nutritional benefits, so variety is always a good thing. 

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