Simple Pickled Radish Recipe

Pickled Radishes

This is a totally different way of tasting crunchy peppery radish. This tangy twist on the simple radish is delicious topped onto almost any savoury dish. Since first making this the other way we have tried them in tacos, wraps and even on top of pizza!!

The pizza was especially surprisingly awesome.

This is even a really great simple recipe to make with kids. They always love seeing how the colour changes into a beautiful bright pink.

Pickled RadishesPickled Radishes

Pickling vegetables are not only an efficient way to use up and extend the life of excessive crops, it also adds extra health benefits;

  • Pickling, varying on the method, ferments the vegetables. This creates probiotics, essential for gut health
  • Can ease muscle cramps, due to high electrolytes in the pickling water.

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