Hot Chocolate Porridge – the perfect Christmas buildup breakfast.

Can’t wait to start the Christmas festivities? Get started with this indulgent hot chocolate porridge. IT’S CHIRSTMAAAAS!! It’s on November 21st but we are in full Christmas swing. The decorations are up, the Christmas playlist is on a constant loop, and of course the food is indulgent af. But we do things differently round here,Continue reading “Hot Chocolate Porridge – the perfect Christmas buildup breakfast.”

Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie

Creamy dreamy pumpkin spice latte smoothie! This ain’t your usual basic PBL. Is it really pumpkin spice with out some pumpkin? We think not. So we had to make a pumpkin spice smoothie with that added caffeine kick to help you get going in the mornings. Naturally sweetened with bananas and of course pumpkin puréeContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie”

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Fruit is such a refreshing way to break-fast, the high water content in fruit is great to hydrate and replace water lost during sleep, helping you wake up fully and maintain more energy throughout the day. This blog post contains amazon affiliate links, which I gain money for qualifying purchases. These purchases make running thisContinue reading “Tropical Smoothie Bowl”

Chocolate and raspberry baked oats – Vegan Recipe

Vegan baked oats makes the best winter comfort breakfast recipe! Oats just got a whole lot more cosy with a touch of indulgence. We make this for breakfast on those really frosty mornings but it also works great as a dessert with some yummy nicecream. Try this yummy double chocolate nice cream with your chocolateContinue reading “Chocolate and raspberry baked oats – Vegan Recipe”

Berry Granola

I love the convenience of a granola. I found when I moved to wholefoods eating I really missed the simplicity of being able to pour a bowl of cereal in the morning. It’s a habit that is ingrained into us from a young age in this society. Home made granola has helped me fill thatContinue reading “Berry Granola”

Berry Chia Pudding

Rushing around in the morning or just simply cant get your head into gear first thing… this recipe is for you. Simple to throw together the night before, and perfect to grab and take on the go. Chia pudding is the delicious dessert breakfast you’ve been waiting for. If you want to support what IContinue reading “Berry Chia Pudding”

Epic Vegan French Toast

When I was a student in Art college many many years ago, I loved to make French toast on the weekends, it was my go-to hangover food. (I think I fancied myself a bit of a cook then too) Then I would make a more typical french toast, soaking some cheap supermarket brand white breadContinue reading “Epic Vegan French Toast”

Apple Pie Porridge

If you want to support what we do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee here : …. follow us on social media…. INSTAGRAM (@restorative_wellbeing) ► FACEBOOK ► Send me an email! Please be aware all information in this blog is based on my own personal experience and research, and IContinue reading “Apple Pie Porridge”

Banana, Almond and Chocolate Granola

Sometimes cereal is just convenient right? And it has this childhood nostalgia that’s comforting.  But despite all the advertising most shop bought cereal is heavily processed, often full of added processed sugars and although commonly has added vitamins and minerals the nutritional profile is a bit crap to fuel you for the day.  This granolaContinue reading “Banana, Almond and Chocolate Granola”