Support your Wellbeing at Christmas

It’s a week to go till Christmas day and the to-do lists are overflowing. Overwhelm and panic are setting in and the ability to enjoy the true message of Christmas seems like a distant memory.  Let’s be completely honest as a society we have completely ruined the heart of Christmas. It’s nothing new, but moreContinue reading “Support your Wellbeing at Christmas”

Hot Chocolate Porridge – the perfect Christmas buildup breakfast.

Can’t wait to start the Christmas festivities? Get started with this indulgent hot chocolate porridge. IT’S CHIRSTMAAAAS!! It’s on November 21st but we are in full Christmas swing. The decorations are up, the Christmas playlist is on a constant loop, and of course the food is indulgent af. But we do things differently round here,Continue reading “Hot Chocolate Porridge – the perfect Christmas buildup breakfast.”

Homemade millionaires shortbread

Gooey crunchy sweet homemade millionaires shortbread! I have a warm fondness for millionaires shortbread, it is by far one of my favourite sweet treats. However I have some quite strict requirements for what makes a good millionaires shortbread. And I know I am not on my own in there. To start there has to beContinue reading “Homemade millionaires shortbread”

Vegan Charcuterie board

Every Christmas eve we chill out watching Christmas films eating a little savoury buffet, so this year we are going to take it up a level with a charcuterie board. I’ve designed this board filled with at least a few things each that all my family love to keep everyone satisfied. Charcuterie boards seem toContinue reading “Vegan Charcuterie board”

Fruity Christmas Party Punch

These punch bowls are so easy to throe together at a moments notice and simply make a party next level. We love to host party’s and my partners punch is legendary, with many a story being blamed on the punch. At Christmas time he makes a special effort to include lots of yummy festive fruitContinue reading “Fruity Christmas Party Punch”

Hot Chocolate Pancakes – 12 days of Christmas recipes

Perfectly fluffy vegan chocolate pancakes with all the deliciously indulgent hot chocolate toppings (but we make it wholefood!) Christmas is all about the cold weather comfort food, and this deliciously rich pancake recipe is bound to get you feeling all cosy. If you follow on instagram you know I love an excuse to make pancakes,Continue reading “Hot Chocolate Pancakes – 12 days of Christmas recipes”

Ginger bread pancakes – 12 days of christmas recipes

I love gingerbread, it’s my favourite Christmas flavour, and if you have been following over on Instagram you will know my family love pancakes! So it only made sense to make some gingerbread pancakes and get the Christmas feels started! This makes a great breakfast for Christmas morning or anytime during the holidays. I’m planningContinue reading “Ginger bread pancakes – 12 days of christmas recipes”

Gingerbread smoothie – 12 days of christmas recipes

Ginger bread has never tasted to good! This creamy comforting twist on ginger bread will give you ultimate Christmas feels that you wouldn’t expect from a smoothie. The creaminess of this smoothie makes it more like a frappe or thick shake texture compared to my other smoothies. Recipe Ingredients 1 frozen banana 2 cups coconutContinue reading “Gingerbread smoothie – 12 days of christmas recipes”

Vegan Feta – 12 days of Christmas recipes

This recipe takes time, so plan for it, it’s totally worth it though, and makes plenty. If you find it has made too much, it is ok to freeze, so portion it out and enjoy over time; just defrost thoroughly before use. I love cheese. But it doesn’t love me. I haven’t eaten cheese forContinue reading “Vegan Feta – 12 days of Christmas recipes”

12 Day of Christmas Wholefood Plant-based

I’m so excited for Christmas, and in our home, Christmas is all about the food. For many Christmas, food is all about gorging out on surgery laden sweets, masses of meat and heavily processed snacks. But when you are focused on healing from a chronic illness and generally in the business of promoting natural healthContinue reading “12 Day of Christmas Wholefood Plant-based”

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