Golden Turmeric Latte

The best night time drink without fail. Filled with anti-inflamtory ingredients but with the soothing comfort of warm with to help you drink off into a peaceful deep sleep. For a long time I really struggled with poor sleep. From insomnia, night terrors, and general all round restlessness. Over the years I have tried soContinue reading “Golden Turmeric Latte”

Golden Milk Nice Cream

Deliciously creamy nice cream with a all the healing of classic golden milk. I am a big fan of Golden milk, and I’ve recommended it time and time again to clients in need of something to help them relax in the evenings. This Nice Cream is a sweet twist on the classic golden milk, toContinue reading “Golden Milk Nice Cream”

Golden milk Chia Pudding

Turmeric for breakfast? This creamy sweet spiced chia pudding is your perfect healthy indulgence to start your day. Filled with anti-inflamatory spices, and even anti-inflamatory omega 3 from chia seeds its the ultimate healing treat.