Nutrition Facts of Onions: The good the bad and the IBS

Praised for their immune enhancing properties, but how much do we really know about the nutrition facts of onions? Should they be a staple in our diets or could they be doing more harm than good? Lets dig a little deeper. Onions (Allium cepa), from the classic large bulb vegetable to its many relations ofContinue reading “Nutrition Facts of Onions: The good the bad and the IBS”

Paprika Potato Salad

This salad is surprisingly satisfying and one of my go-to options for days out. This a great salad to throw together in the mornings. It’s packed full of both prebiotic and probiotic foods to help you maintain healthy gut microbiome; this makes it a great meal for recovery after taking a course of antibiotics orContinue reading “Paprika Potato Salad”