‘Chicken’ style seitan recipe

Delicious succulent ‘chicken style seiten recipe. This recipe is great for Roast dinner, escalopes and nuggets. Its so versatile you can use it just like you would chicken. It makes really big batches, so it’s perfect to make at the start of the week to keep you going for a few days. If you haveContinue reading “‘Chicken’ style seitan recipe”

Quick Tomato Salsa

This recipe takes a few minuets to throw together and it tastes so much better than store bought! But more than that it’s better for you, keeping the ingredients simple and fresh whilst skipping out on added sugar, stabilisers and oil found in shop bough versions. Recipe Ingredients 3 lare tomatoes diced 1 red onionContinue reading “Quick Tomato Salsa”

Easy Home-made Seitan Sausage

In our house we have a really bad habit of buying new ingredients, especially health foods, using them once and then forgetting about them and going back to the same ingredients we use time and time again. Because of this I often get in a determined mood to use up my my store cupboard ingredients,Continue reading “Easy Home-made Seitan Sausage”