30 small things bringing me joy

There have been several points in my life where I have really struggled to find joy. The world has felt dark and all consuming. Round every corner is a new panic attack and my heart feels filled with dispare. I dropped in and out of these periods of my life for a long time beforeContinue reading “30 small things bringing me joy”

Creativity And Mental Health

This post is guest written by Artist Gemma Lake of Moved by the moon Swayed by the sea. This post is guest written by Artist Gemma Lake of Moved by the moon Swayed by the sea. This blog post contains amazon affiliate links, which I gain money for qualifying purchases. These purchases make running thisContinue reading “Creativity And Mental Health”

Journalling for the New Moon

Whats the big deal with the new moon? Humans are made of 60% water, it flows through us, and when we are low on water our bodies cannot function properly. But just as the tides of the sea is effected by the gravitational pull of the moon, so it all the other water on theContinue reading “Journalling for the New Moon”

Embracing list making

I make lists. Like lots and lots of lists. And I love a good prompt to make another list. Its become life. But…. Im not what you would think of as a natural list maker. I am pretty messy and disorganised. I accumulate clutter out of no where. I don’t like anything to ‘go toContinue reading “Embracing list making”

What is Emotional Wellbeing?

There are six dimensions to maintaining wellness. Emotional wellbeing focuses on developing and maintaining your emotional health, building your inner calm, relaxation abilities and inner strength. Having healing emotional wellbeing can effect all of the other dimensions of wellness, but it is often over looked, especially in our fast paced and highly stimulated society.

How mindfulness and meditation changed my life

My interest in yoga started over 10 years ago when trying to manage the pain of auto-immune disease and hypermobility, and hand in hand with yoga goes meditation. However as much as I tried I just couldnt grasp the point of meditation. why would doing less help me do more. I felt I was alreadyContinue reading “How mindfulness and meditation changed my life”

10 Moments of Mindfulness to enjoy in Autumn

As the days get darker and nature starts to get ready to rest for winter, take some time for you and you’re mental health with these simple FREE mindfulness ideas that will help you embrace the wonder of Autumn. Sit and watch the leaves fall; simply finding a cosy spot in a window or aContinue reading “10 Moments of Mindfulness to enjoy in Autumn”