Super easy, quick make, bean balls

Time and time again I have said, as much as I love cooking I really dont like spending all day in the kitchen and slaving over meals that mean I’m standing in front of the cooker for hours on end. However I like to eat clean and unprocessed as much as possible, which can meanContinue reading “Super easy, quick make, bean balls”

Mushroom and lentil stew

Best way to end a cold winters day after a working hard training – snuggled on the sofa with some comforting high protein traditional stew. Serve the stew piping hot on its own or with one of these traditional sides: Now you’ve got the recipe check out the notes to know how to make itContinue reading “Mushroom and lentil stew”

Basic Wholewheat Pizza Dough

This quick make versatile wholewheat pizza dough will become a staple recipe in your kitchen! Who doesn’t love pizza? Its the ultimate weekend treat food, but like with all treat foods its often heavily processed and prone to leaving you feel like crap. However there can be a way around it, most foods can beContinue reading “Basic Wholewheat Pizza Dough”