Apple Crumble Granola

This is a great recipe to make in or out of apple season. Used making apple preserved as apple sauce and dried apples, its a great store cupboard recipe. All of the foods in this recipe are great from of slow releasing energy, to give you a gentle consistent energy throughout the day. If youContinue reading “Apple Crumble Granola”

The Circle Meal Plan – Energy Stability – 21/2/22 – 27/2/22

Every week in the circle I will be sharing me meal plans , the recipes to go with them and a round up of how and why I choose these meals. I am doing this with the intension of inspiring you, not to tell you what to eat and when. Please when it comes toContinue reading “The Circle Meal Plan – Energy Stability – 21/2/22 – 27/2/22”