30 small things bringing me joy

There have been several points in my life where I have really struggled to find joy. The world has felt dark and all consuming. Round every corner is a new panic attack and my heart feels filled with dispare. I dropped in and out of these periods of my life for a long time beforeContinue reading “30 small things bringing me joy”

Support your Wellbeing at Christmas

It’s a week to go till Christmas day and the to-do lists are overflowing. Overwhelm and panic are setting in and the ability to enjoy the true message of Christmas seems like a distant memory.  Let’s be completely honest as a society we have completely ruined the heart of Christmas. It’s nothing new, but moreContinue reading “Support your Wellbeing at Christmas”

90 Forms of self care that are completely free.

I probably didn’t have to list 90, it’s a little  ott. But I wanted to show you how utterly simple self care can be. Often it’s the impact of intentional focus that makes the biggest impact. So much so that even just sitting down and taking the time to really focus on writing this listContinue reading “90 Forms of self care that are completely free.”

Anti-inflammatory foods

Anti-inflammatory has become a bit of buzz word, being thrown around by health gurus without any explanation of what it means and why it is so fundamental to our wellbeing. If you want to support what I do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee here : http://ko-fi.com/restorativewellbeing …. follow me on social media…. INSTAGRAMContinue reading “Anti-inflammatory foods”

What is Mindful Eating?

It has become well know the past few years that learning to be more mindful can impact all aspects of your life, from how you sleep, social interactions and work stress. But have you ever considered how mastering mindfulness could impact your eating habits?

10 Moments of Mindfulness to enjoy in Autumn

As the days get darker and nature starts to get ready to rest for winter, take some time for you and you’re mental health with these simple FREE mindfulness ideas that will help you embrace the wonder of Autumn. Sit and watch the leaves fall; simply finding a cosy spot in a window or aContinue reading “10 Moments of Mindfulness to enjoy in Autumn”

Benefits of dry brushing

What is dry brushing? Also known as body brushing, dry brushing is when you use a brittle brush in a sweeping movement over your body, working your way from your feet towards your heart, said to help increase blood flow and many other benefits along with it. Its a relaxing simple way to add aContinue reading “Benefits of dry brushing”