10 Nourishing Plant Based Soups

Soup Season!! We are finally on the brighter side of Winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s warming up just yet. If anything its going to get a bit colder first. Don’t worry though we have got you covered with this warming and nourishing soups. Perfect to warm you up from the inside and keep yourContinue reading “10 Nourishing Plant Based Soups”

Cosy Minestrone Soup

Cosy minestrone soup is the perfect sick day bowl of health. Whether you just need warming up on a cold day or are looking for a hug in a bowl. If you want to support what we do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee here : http://ko-fi.com/restorativewellbeing …. follow us on social media…. INSTAGRAMContinue reading “Cosy Minestrone Soup”

Creamy Vegan Broccoli Soup

A quick cook broccoli soup. Simple and nutritious. NOTES: Our Blender: We use a Ninja Duo 2-in-1 blender with Auto IQ using the jug attachment for this recipe. If you want to further support what we do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee here : http://ko-fi.com/restorativewellbeing …. follow us on social media…. INSTAGRAM (@restorative_wellbeing)Continue reading “Creamy Vegan Broccoli Soup”

Squash Soup

This Squash soup is such a beautifully comforting soup (because we really vibe comforting, joyful foods here) Its a great starter soup for kids, as its a little bit sweet and silky smooth. We serve this soup for a starter on Christmas day, take it up the allotment for lunch, take it to warm upContinue reading “Squash Soup”

Thai Noodle Soup

I make two different thai noodle soups, one of which is in the ‘a year of wholefood plant based’ book, and it uses a wonderful red thai curry paste; which takes time and some hunting for more unusual ingredients. Then there is this one, it’s much simpler and speedier to make and all the ingredientsContinue reading “Thai Noodle Soup”

Pea and Squash Soup

Squash soups if a cold weather favourite for us, but we have so many different recipes, its such a versatile vegetable that flavour’s it can carry are endless. Recipe Ingredients 2 1/2 cups squash (butternut is perfect, but simular varieties will be tasty too) 1 large potao 1 onion 1 clove garlic 1/4 tsp driedContinue reading “Pea and Squash Soup”

Comforting Noodle Soup

Ive always had this idea that when sick or just feeling the Winter blues you eat chicken noodle soup……… however I haven’t eaten meat since I was 10, so I’ve never even eaten chicken noodle soup. but this autumn season I wanted to create the ultimate autumn experience, creating all the dished and experiencing allContinue reading “Comforting Noodle Soup”

Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup with Crispy Kale

This healing sweet potato soup is perfect for days when your needing a comforting nutrition boost. Easy to make and packed with lots of flavour its a great recipe to batch cook to have a few portions to hand for lazy days. The addition of crispy kale makes an addictive healthy iron packed alternative toContinue reading “Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup with Crispy Kale”