Vegan Charcuterie board

Every Christmas eve we chill out watching Christmas films eating a little savoury buffet, so this year we are going to take it up a level with a charcuterie board. I’ve designed this board filled with at least a few things each that all my family love to keep everyone satisfied. Charcuterie boards seem toContinue reading “Vegan Charcuterie board”

Pomegranate, clementine and pecan salad – 12 Days of Christmas

It’s the first day of our 12 days of Christmas recipe share! All the recipes shared over the next 12 days will be whole-foods plant-based and naturally nutrient-dense. Designed to give you the immune boost you need over the cold months without missing out on all the seasonal flavours! The perfect delicious mix of sweet,Continue reading “Pomegranate, clementine and pecan salad – 12 Days of Christmas”

Vegan Feta – 12 days of Christmas recipes

This recipe takes time, so plan for it, it’s totally worth it though, and makes plenty. If you find it has made too much, it is ok to freeze, so portion it out and enjoy over time; just defrost thoroughly before use. I love cheese. But it doesn’t love me. I haven’t eaten cheese forContinue reading “Vegan Feta – 12 days of Christmas recipes”