Welsh Laverbread with homemade baked beans

Laverbread, also known as bara lawnr in Welsh, is a fine seaweed harvested from the coast of south Wales (my home). You can purchase it fresh from markets all over south wales. Although known as the Welshman’s caviar, it looks like a thick black pulp, so it’s not the most appealing looking food on firstContinue reading “Welsh Laverbread with homemade baked beans”

Vegan Cawl – traditional Welsh stew

Cawl is a traditional Welsh meat and vegetable stew. Like many stews it varies from region to region, with slightly different vegetables and meats, but over all what makes cawl, cawl is its simplicity. No complex seasoning or exhaustive techniques, just a classic stew using Winter vegetables and there is one thing every Welsh personContinue reading “Vegan Cawl – traditional Welsh stew”

Welsh cake Pancakes

In honour of St Davids day and pancake day falling on the same day this year, I present to you, Welsh cake pancakes. A perfect little cake crossover in whole-foods plant-based style, making sure you never feeling your missing out by putting your health first! If you want to further support what we do  …….Continue reading “Welsh cake Pancakes”