Anti-inflammatory foods

Anti-inflammatory has become a bit of buzz word, being thrown around by health gurus without any explanation of what it means and why it is so fundamental to our wellbeing. If you want to support what I do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee here : …. follow me on social media…. INSTAGRAMContinue reading “Anti-inflammatory foods”

Bean Burger with Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Who doesn’t love a burger?! We are big fans of a Friday night burger with all the sides, sauces and fillings. Pair it with a gaming session and bottle of kombucha and thats my weekend off to the best start ever! We have a few different bean burgers that we make I shared a sweetContinue reading “Bean Burger with Crispy Sweet Potato Fries”

Coconut rice pudding

This sweet creamy rice pudding makes a great winter dessert or a comforting warm breakfast. This plant based take on the classic British dessert, makes for an indulgent breakfast. Swapping sugar for the natural sweetness of dates, coconut milk and grated apple, along side high fibre brown rice creates a much more filling meal andContinue reading “Coconut rice pudding”

A year of wholefood plant based (on a budget)

I made a book! I actually made a book and you can buy it here: A Year of Wholefood Plant based Ive been stuck in a slight feeling of shock and awe over the past few days since the book has been completed and gone into publication. For all of the start of adulthood IContinue reading “A year of wholefood plant based (on a budget)”

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