Chia Jam

This chia jam is so quick and versatile, you can use it sooo many different ways, and you wont get the overload of sugar from traditional jam; in fact you will get one better you get slow releasing fibre and healthy fats from the chia seeds! If you want to further support what we do Continue reading “Chia Jam”

Spicy Bean Wrap

These spicy bean wraps are a simple high protein, high iron lunch, great for mid day energy boost. This wrap is easy to throw together and works great fresh at home or on to go. Recipe Serves 4 Ingredients Looking for more bean recipes….. Broad bean dip Quickie Bean Burrito Bean Balls If you wouldContinue reading “Spicy Bean Wrap”

Quick Tomato Salsa

This recipe takes a few minuets to throw together and it tastes so much better than store bought! But more than that it’s better for you, keeping the ingredients simple and fresh whilst skipping out on added sugar, stabilisers and oil found in shop bough versions. Recipe Ingredients 3 lare tomatoes diced 1 red onionContinue reading “Quick Tomato Salsa”

Ginger bread pancakes – 12 days of christmas recipes

I love gingerbread, it’s my favourite Christmas flavour, and if you have been following over on Instagram you will know my family love pancakes! So it only made sense to make some gingerbread pancakes and get the Christmas feels started! This makes a great breakfast for Christmas morning or anytime during the holidays. I’m planningContinue reading “Ginger bread pancakes – 12 days of christmas recipes”