The affects of Gratitude and Affirmations on Wellbeing

Regular practice of recording gratitude and affirmations has been shown to create life changing brain shifts, helping you develop a more focused and positive outlook on your world. They can help you make real changes within your life, whilst not letting go of the things that are truly important to you. Although these are often done separately, in my personal experience, I find they need to go hand in hand. Gratitude and affirmations complement each other perfectly. 

Gratitude reminds you to keep what’s important to your heart when planning your affirmations. The two mindsets flow in perfect harmony to lift your vibrations, set goals that you genuinely want and will appreciate without letting your ego get in the way.

So often people try to manifest what they want based on how they feel they will be viewed by the outside world; material goods that they rarely use and get minimal value from, or a body aesthetic that is exhausting to maintain. Balancing a gratitude mindset along with affirmations paves the way for leading a life with continual meaningful growth.

As I have mentioned before continual learning and growth mindset is fundamental to our intellectual wellbeing, it gives us a feeling of purpose, helps us to branch out socially and engage in different conversations, and help us to learn more about how to take care of ourselves in a multitude of ways.

There are many ways to practice gratitude and affirmations, many people try to fit it consciously into their thoughts throughout the day. Personally I find this difficult to keep up and to get started; I am definitely not a natural morning person, its something I have had to learn and a big part of that has been my morning practice through journaling. I have been journaling my gratitude and affirmations every morning for years and it completely resets me after crawling out of bed. I simply settle in a comfortable place with my first fresh brewed coffee and journalling book and focus my mind on what I am truly grateful for and what I long for more of. Sometimes they are simple and boring, but make me realise how important the things I take for grated are. Sometimes they are bigger and really set my motivation for the day.

After seeing my life change through my gratitude and affirmation practices I made a journalling book based on the structure I had been journalling in for months and found most effective to cover the aspects of my life that mattered.

The book is currently available on amazon in paper back or hard back.

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