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10 Nourishing Plant Based Soups

Soup Season!! We are finally on the brighter side of Winter, but that doesn’t mean it’s warming up just yet. If anything its going to get a bit colder first. Don’t worry though we have got you covered with this warming and nourishing soups. Perfect to warm you up from the inside and keep your…

Black Forest Smoothie

I have fond memories as a child of my parents hosting dinner parties for friends and family. Most of these memories revolve around the joy of choosing what dessert to eat, there would always be a beautiful selection of cheesecakes, gateaus and ice creams, and no matter what we picked we would always beg that…

Support your Wellbeing at Christmas

It’s a week to go till Christmas day and the to-do lists are overflowing. Overwhelm and panic are setting in and the ability to enjoy the true message of Christmas seems like a distant memory.  Let’s be completely honest as a society we have completely ruined the heart of Christmas. It’s nothing new, but more…

Gingerbread – Vegan and gluten free!

Classic gingerbread biscuit but with a wholefoods twist. (pssst they are also gluten free!) I eat so many of these over gingerbread biscuits Christmas One batch just never seems to last long enough. Its become the perfect Christmas tradition spending afternoons cutting out gingerbread cookies with my daughters, excitedly awaiting the smell wafting through the…


If you haven’t heard, the release of the new restorative wellbeing recipe book is finally here!. It has been almost two years since the first book was released and so much as been learnt since then. When the first book was release in January 2020, I’ll be honest it was on a bit of a…

Hot Chocolate Porridge – the perfect Christmas buildup breakfast.

Can’t wait to start the Christmas festivities? Get started with this indulgent hot chocolate porridge. IT’S CHIRSTMAAAAS!! It’s on November 21st but we are in full Christmas swing. The decorations are up, the Christmas playlist is on a constant loop, and of course the food is indulgent af. But we do things differently round here,…

Cosy Minestrone Soup

This cosy minestrone soup is the perfect sick day bowl of health. Whether you just need warming up on a cold day or are looking for a hug in a bowl, this is one of my essential winter comfort meals. If you want to support what we do  ……. …. you can donate a coffee…

Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie

Creamy dreamy pumpkin spice latte smoothie! This ain’t your usual basic PBL. Is it really pumpkin spice with out some pumpkin? We think not. So we had to make a pumpkin spice smoothie with that added caffeine kick to help you get going in the mornings. Naturally sweetened with bananas and of course pumpkin purée…

Nutrition Facts of Onions: The good the bad and the IBS

Praised for their immune enhancing properties, but how much do we really know about the nutrition facts of onions? Should they be a staple in our diets or could they be doing more harm than good? Lets dig a little deeper. Onions (Allium cepa), from the classic large bulb vegetable to its many relations of…

Does BMI score really indicate health?

BMI (Body mass index) has been used as a measurement of health within the medical industry for over 100 years. This tool is used in many countries across the globe and has propelled as an authority to make the judgement: healthy or sick. The critics are out on how much we can actually trust it,…


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