Top motivational films

Whether your wanting to get motivated to work towards your fitness goals or your overall attitude to life, these are my all time favourite movies to get you back into your grove.

1. Yes Man. One of my all time favourite movies that I have gone back to time and time again to give my attitude to life a boost. If your finding it hard to step out of your comfort zone and try new is the movie to help motivate you! If you love the film don’t forget to also check out the best selling book that inspired the film.

2. Tomb Raider. As a life long tomb raider fan I loved the new tomb raider (2018) film staring Alicia Vikander, from the boxing and cycling scenes at the start to the amazing action scenes, this film is a great motivator for getting generally active and trying new ways to get fit.

3. Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot is a fitness inspiration in her self, but mixed with the heartwarming perspective of an outsider during a time of war it makes her character an all round inspiration.

4. Rocky – I had to include THE ultimate classic all time motivational film for the training montage alone. ( but also because my other half would never forgive me if I didn’t)

5. Bucket List – for the sake of motivating you to do all the things you’ve put on hold and also remembering what’s important in life you have to watch this film!

6.Eddie the eagle – the ultimate underdog story, to remind you, you to keep doing what you love and block out the haters.

7. Fighting with my family – this film totally ignited my love of wrestling . Telling the story of Saraya aka Paige journey to becoming Divas champion by embracing being herself and working hard at her craft it’s sure to get you motivated. A great movie for wrestling fans to watch between main events.

What would you add to the list?? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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