Vanilla Cashew Biscuits – Vegan and gluten free recipe

These are the perfect cup of tea biscuits. Subtly sweet with a delicious crumbly crunch.

cashew and vanilla biscuits

Like all the recipes here at Restorative wellbeing these biscuits are full or hidden nutritional benefits but inspired by comforting joy of the food you love.

We love biscuits!

Biscuits are a British institution, a cup of tea just wouldn’t be the same without them. However the typical biscuit holds very little nutritional value but clock up over 100 calories, 5 grams fat and 1.2 grams refined sugars! And none of us are eating just one biscuit!

But focusing on a nutritionally dense diet does not mean we have to miss out of biscuits or any of our other favourite treats. No, it just means we have to be aware that not all biscuits are created equal. So far I am yet to find a good substitute that can be bought, so I have created this and many other recipes to serve your biscuity cravings and keep you nutritional goals on track.

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Why your body will love these biscuits!

Lets break down what makes these biscuits so special.

Cashew butter – Creamy and subtly sweet cashew butter makes an excellent fat source for these biscuits, not only improving the biscuit consistency but giving you body a whole host of nutritional benefits. Cashew butter contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, including omega 3 and 6, and is made up of 17.5% protein. This makes it a good all round benefit to a balanced diet.

Vanilla – It is important to note that using natural vanilla extract holds many healing health benefits, however, synthetic vanilla extract is also very commonly sold, and doesn’t hold the same benefits. Here we are just going to talk about natural vanilla extract. High in anti-oxidants and with antibacterial capabilities, shows vanilla can aid towards healthy body functions. Whilst traditionally vanilla has been used as a treatment for gut inflammation and restpitory conditions.

Oat Flour


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