Vegan Chocolate Bread (for a bread machine)

I like chocolate and I like bread so why not have chocolate bread. Or as our youngest likes to call it …. ‘cake’.

Despite its similarities to cake and Winter being convinced I am giving her toasted cake with peanut butter for breakfast I promise you this is actually bread, and has significantly less sugar and fat than a cake.

In the recipe I have given instructions for 3 sizes of loaf , 500g, 750g and 1kg. The loaf pictured is the smaller 500g and lasted us 2 days.

Slightly sweet chocolaty breakfast bread, perfect topped with peanut butter.


  • Almond Milk 200ml/300ml/400ml
  • * Olive Oil 1tbsp/1½tbsp/2tbsp * Salt 1tsp/1½tsp/2tsp * Maple syrup 2tbsp/3tbsp/4tbsp * Cocoa Powder 25g/40g/50g * Wholemeal Flour 300g/450g/600g * Yeast 4g/5g/7g


  1. Place ingredients into bread maker pan in the order above, making sure the flour create a barrier between the yeast and liquid.

As an optional extra try adding in chopped walnuts or chocolate chips part way through baking when your machine allows.

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