Why jumping in leaves isn’t just for kids but an essential part of the seasonal experience.

Its not secret that I am passionate about embracing my inner child an whenever I do it creates the best memories with my children; when they see mama is able to have fun (and not just nag about chores all day long) it remind them I am human just like them and our bond becomes even closer. But aside from playing with my kids I honestly feel that embracing and indulging your inner child is essential for everyone; after all that is where a huge amount of our creativity is still stored, and as much as I have heard people tell me ‘arts and crafts are for children’ (seriously) creativity is how we problem solve, and by **** is there a lot of problem solving as an adult. Back briefly to parenting, I’ve found problem solving with children especially on the creative side as it normally involved me making up some kind of magic powered by love that’s makes everything ok again…..

…. However its not just about embracing your inner child, there are so many benefits to your wellbeing that are worth taking note of the next time your tempted walking past a fresh pile of crunchy autumn leaves

Its a simple way to get more physical activity into your day.

Anything that gets me moving more, gets the heart rate up a little, blood pumping and some deep breaths or crisp fresh autumn air into my lungs is a winner. Let’s face it the majority of people would benefit from adding a bit more movement into their day, as a society we spend so much time sitting – every time we allow our bodies to move a bit for freely in varying motions we are doing our body a big favour.

Its an opportunity for a sensory mindful experience.

Got a few moments, see that big pile of crunchy autumn leaves, take a few slow deep calming breaths, observe the noises around you, block them all out, walk slowing through the leaves and allow your self to just listen and absorb the satisfying noise of each one crunching, focus on each part of your foot at it presses down and the sound it makes.

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be hours of meditation each day, it can just be taking a moment to really appreciate the beautiful sensory experiences we take advantage of each and everyday. It’s about slowing down just enough we can tune in and really listen to our bodies and thoughts without casting judgement, just listening at first and then if need be working out what we are going to do with what we have just observed.

Stuff it Im going to go there again; embrace your inner child.

Especially if you have had any form of childhood trauma, love that inner child by allowing yourself to be a child now and again. Personally I find allowing myself to have these moments for childish joy makes it a lot easier for me to handle the stresses of being an adult. Learn when it’s ok to embrace childhood joy, and when you need to be serious you don’t have to be either or, we are humans, we have multiple aspects to our personalities which all need tending to.

Check out my autumn wellness bucket list for other ideas to keep you physically and mentally well this autumn.

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